The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie 1 -
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie 1 -

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie

Hey friends! If you’re like me and love spending time at the beach, finding the perfect hoodie to bring along is a must. Those ocean breezes can get chilly when the sun starts going down! Let’s chat about why a good beach hoodie is so clutch and how to find one that matches your style.

Why You Need a Beach Hoodie in Your Life

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie 2 -
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie 2 –

I used to think hoodies were just for lounging around at home, but oh how wrong I was! A good beach hoodie serves so many purposes. For starters, it keeps you nice and cozy as the temperatures drop in the evening. There is nothing worse than having to cut your beach day short because you’re freezing! A soft, comfy hoodie solves that problem right quick.

Your hoodie also comes in handy during the day if you need a little coverage from the sun but don’t want to wear a full cover-up. Just throw that hood over your head for some shade. And if you get an epic hoodie with a fun design or phrase, it becomes a super stylish statement piece over your swimsuit!

Key Things to Look For

When you start shopping for your dream beach hoodie, keep these features in mind:

  • Material – You’ll want something lightweight and breathable that doesn’t cause you to overheat in the summer sun. Cotton, rayon, and polyester blends are great options.
  • Design – Look for hoodies with vibrant, beachy designs or sayings on them. Brands like Super Beachy have super cute phrases like “Beach Hair, Don’t Care” that totally channel those summer vibes.
  • Fit – Go for a relaxed, loose fit that layers nicely over your swimsuits and feels like you’re being hugged by a soft beach blanket.
  • Versatility – Pick a hoodie you can wear to the beach but also toss on for a casual lunch or bonfire date afterward. Multi-use hoodies for the win!

Best Beach Hoodies for the Dudes

Now, let’s talk about the perfect beach hoodies for the guys. Brands like The North Face and Columbia make some really great options that are comfy, durable, and designed with beach adventures in mind.

The North Face Box NSE Hoodie is a favorite among beach-loving dudes for its relaxed fit and buttery soft fleece fabric that keeps you nice and toasty by the water. It’s got a kangaroo pocket up front so you have a place to stash small essentials. And it comes in some cool color combos to suit any style.

Another great pick is the Columbia Terminal Tackle Heather Hoodie, which is designed to transition seamlessly from the water’s edge to the campfire. It’s made from a cotton and polyester blend that can handle getting wet but will still keep you warm. And it’s got UPF sun protection built right in – beach win!

Chic Beach Hoodie Picks for the Ladies

For all my beach babes out there, brands like Super Beachy have amazing hoodie options made just for us! Many of them feature cheeky phrases and designs that totally embrace that carefree, beach-life vibe.

One of my personal faves is the Super Beachy “I’m Super Beachy” hoodie in rainbow tie-dye – so stinkin’ cute! I also love the “Beach Life, Happy Life” hoodie that comes in many pretty colors. The fabric is so soft and it keeps me cozy after sunset swims.

They’ve even got options with fun pineapple prints, ice cream graphics, and beachy vibes galore. Lots of good choices to show off your personality!

How to Style Your New Beach Hoodie

Okay, so you’ve got your fabulous new beach hoodie – now let’s talk about how to rock it in different scenarios:

  • Casual Beach Day Look – Pair it with some cutoff shorts or a flowy skirt to instantly elevate your style while still being comfy on the sand. Add some sunnies and a floppy hat for vacation vibes.
  • Beach Bonfire Look – When that ocean breeze picks up at night, wear your hoodie over a long-sleeved tee and some leggings or skinny jeans with boots. So cozy and cute!
  • Post-Swim Cover-Up – This is the perfect way to warm up after a refreshing dip in the ocean. Just slip your hoodie on over your swimsuit when you get out of the water.

Caring for Your Fave Beach Hoodie

To keep your hoodie looking fab season after season, be sure to follow the care instructions. Most are machine washable, but it’s best to use a gentle detergent and air dry. Avoid putting them in the dryer to prevent damage to prints or fabric.

Matching Your Hoodie to the Beach Climate

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie 3 -
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie 3 –

Where you’ll be wearing your hoodie is also something to consider when picking one out. If you’re headed to a tropical locale, a lightweight cotton hoodie will be perfect. But if you’re going to a beach with cooler temps, look for a fleece-lined or thermal hoodie to keep you extra warm and toasty.

Adorable Kids’ Beach Hoodies

Don’t forget the kiddos need beach hoodies, too! They make the cutest options for little ones, often with fun characters or beachy graphics. The lightweight material and hood help provide sun coverage for delicate skin. A summertime must-have!

Best Places to Buy Beach Hoodies

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to shopping for that perfect beach hoodie! Specialty brands like Super Beachy have a huge selection online with all the latest trends. Local surf shops and beachwear boutiques are also great places to browse.

If you want a name brand like North Face or Columbia, checking out retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods or L.L. Bean can give you lots of choices. And you can always find affordable basics on sites like Amazon!

Setting Your Beach Hoodie Budget

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie 4 -
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Hoodie 4 –

Price-wise, expect to spend $40-$70 for a quality beach hoodie from a reputable brand. Super Beachy has most of theirs for around $60. Watch for end-of-season sales to score discounts! It’s worth investing in one that will last.

At the end of the day, the perfect beach hoodie is whatever makes you feel most comfy and confident. Mix and match to create looks that reflect your personal beach style. Most importantly, stay cozy and have fun!

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