The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hoodie Brands of 2024

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hoodie Brands of 2024 1 -
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hoodie Brands of 2024 1 -

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hoodie Brands of 2024

What’s up, my friend! Let’s chat about the best hoodie brands to rock in 2024. Hoodies have come a long way from just being workout wear – now they’re a staple that everyone has in their closet. Whether you’re looking to lounge around the house in comfort or need a high-quality hoodie to elevate your style game, I’ve got you covered.

Now I have to be real with you: I’m a total hoodie fanatic. I’ve got drawers stuffed with hoodies in all colors and fabrics. My wife jokes that I’ve got a different hoodie for each day of the year! So trust me when I say I’ve done my homework on which brands make the best ones.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hoodie Brands of 2024 2 -
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hoodie Brands of 2024 2 –

Champion Reverse Weave: The OG Hoodie

First up, we’ve got the OG of hoodie brands – Champion. These guys have been making quality athletic wear since way back in the day. They’re famous for their Reverse Weave cotton, which is super durable and shrink-resistant. I’ve had Champion hoodies that I’ve worn for years and they still hold their shape and color like new.

My buddy James swears by the Champion hoodies he wore as a kid in the 90s. He still rocks those vintage ones when we go to basketball games. Champion makes hoodies with serious longevity, so they’ll stay comfy and stylish for years. The brand has major street cred!

Sunspel: Elevated Essentials from Across the Pond

If you appreciate insane quality and craftsmanship, check out Sunspel. They’re a British brand known for making premium basics out of luxe materials. I just got one of their hoodies made from the softest loopback cotton that feels like a freakin’ cloud on my skin! It breathes so nicely while keeping me warm. The minimal, block color designs look sharp and go with anything.

My wife Samantha is obsessed with Sunspel now, too. She stole my new hoodie and wears it as pajamas all the time. Hey, I can’t complain, it looks real cute on her. But I may need to order another one for myself soon! Treat yourself to that Sunspel quality; you deserve it.

Reigning Champ: Elevated Athletic Wear

If you want a hoodie that can perform well in and out of the gym, look into the Canadian brand Reigning Champ. They specialize in making premium athletic wear with performance fabrics designed in-house. I hit the weights in their hoodies, and the material stretches with me while wicking away sweat.

My sister Miranda is a yoga instructor obsessed with Reigning Champ. Says their hoodies are perfect for wearing to and from class while running errands. The fit is tailored but the fabrics move fluidly from downward dog to grabbing an iced latte! Both stylish and functional.

Stussy: Old School Streetwear Cred

If you’re all about that vintage streetwear lifestyle like me, Stussy is an iconic choice. They’ve been around since the 80s, making durable, laidback hoodies that just ooze authenticity and cool. The fits are relaxed, but the fabrics hold up for the long haul. I still rock Stussy hoodies I’ve had for years that are as sturdy as the day I bought them.

My boy Tyrell only wears Stussy hoodies in rotation. He’s all about keeping it real and says no other brand matches the OG streetwise vibes of Stussy. The graphics and color-blocking are bold and eye-catching but totally timeless. Going strong after decades, that’s street cred right there!

Gucci: Luxury Designer Drip

Now if you really want to flex and make a statement, you gotta check out Gucci. Forget everything you know – under designer Alessandro Michele, Gucci has reinvented itself for the new age. The patterns and logos are bold, colorful, and impossible to ignore. Celebs and influencers go crazy over Gucci hoodies.

My friend James just got a Gucci hoodie custom embroidered with his rapper name, “Lil Squid,” and a matching Gucci ski mask. He won’t shut up about all the compliments he gets, he says it’s his new favorite thing. Now, personally, I can’t pull off Gucci, but gotta respect their artfully designed hoodies made for turning heads!

Carhartt WIP: Built For The Streets

Carhartt WIP takes that classic, durable Carhartt workwear style into streetwear. It’s affordable but built tough and looks so clean. I love their tonal logo and color-blocked designs – super simple, but it just works. Goes hard with any fit.

Skaters swear by Carhartt WIP because the hoodies can take a beating. My little cousin Aiden is always at the skate park in his and says he can bail a million times, and it won’t rip. Carhartt WIP makes closet staples to last – no wonder it’s a go-to streetwear brand.

Stone Island: Innovation Meets Style

Stone Island is known for experimenting with cool dyeing processes and fabrics that look so unique. Their hoodies have this garment-dyed vintage look but feel sturdy thanks to the high-tech materials. Definitely statement pieces for the more daring.

Alexa, I know, only wears Stone Island. She’s really into flashy, edgy things and loves how the hoodies make her stand out. I tried on one of hers and gotta say, it felt really substantial and well-made. Stone Island backs up its hype with quality.

CDG Play: Avant-Garde Streetwear

If you want luxury streetwear with some quirk, check out Comme des Garçons PLAY. The kooky, avant-garde style of CDG with the iconic bug-eyed heart logo, but made wearable and edgy for every day. The hoodies walk that fine line between high fashion and street-ready.

Jada who interns for me is deep into her CDG Play era right now. She stunts on everyone at the office with her hoodies, which are equal parts art and comfort. Jada says CDG Play is a vibe – daring but still chill at the same time. I can dig it!

The Real McCoys: Vintage American Cool

The Japanese brand The Real McCoy’s nails are vintage 1950s Americana style. Their hoodies feel like you’re stepping back in time with the old-school looks they recreate. It’s a great way to rep classic American cool in a new way.

My grandfather loves The Real McCoys hoodies because they take him back to his youth. I got him one for Christmas last year, and he said the cut and feel transported him. But in a modern way, not like he was wearing some costume. Vintage-inspired right!

Polo Ralph Lauren: Prep with a Twist

You can’t talk hoodies without mentioning Polo Ralph Lauren and their iconic preppy twist. These hoodies scream country club chic. They manage to be luxe, comfy, and rugged all at once. Very Ivy League handsome vibes.

My next-door neighbor Stan mows his lawn in Polo RL hoodies with golfer shorts – such a power move! He says he can look crisp while doing yardwork without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. Have to respect that preppy swag.

Aime Leon Dore: Next Wave of Streetwear

Definitely keep an eye on Aime Leon Dore if you like modern streetwear with vintage sensibility. This New York brand is killing it right now. Their unique spin mixes classic Americana with contemporary style flawlessly.

Diego, my barber, put me onto Aime Leon Dore last year, and their hoodies are phenomenal—crazy soft fabric paired with designs that feel nostalgic yet fresh. Diego says ALD is at the forefront of what’s next in streetwear right now. I believe it!


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hoodie Brands of 2024 3 -
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hoodie Brands of 2024 3 –


Well, there you have it, my friend! These are my picks for the very best hoodie brands to know in 2024. I hope this guide gives you some fresh options to level up your hoodie game this year. Whether you’re looking for timeless classics or the next big thing in streetwear, there’s a perfect hoodie out there waiting for you!

At the end of the day, hoodies are about feeling comfortable and confident. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $10 fleece from a big box store or a $1000 designer piece. Rock whatever makes you feel good!

For real though, hoodies always come back in style because they just work. Throw one on, and you’re ready to chill at home, hit the gym, or head out for the night feeling cozy and looking fresh. That versatility is why the hoodie will never die!

Let me know if you have any other favorite hoodie brands I should check out! I’m always expanding the collection. And definitely show me your new hoodie pickups whenever you grab something new. I have to see your latest addition to the rotation!

Stay warm and stylish out there. Until next time!

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