When Did Hoodies Become Popular?

When Did Hoodies Become Popular? 1 - blackandwhitehoodie.com
When Did Hoodies Become Popular? 1 - blackandwhitehoodie.com

When Did Hoodies Become Popular?

Yo, hoodies are the bomb! I still remember my first hoodie back in middle school – it was this oversized blue Champion one that I basically lived in. So comfy. Anyway, hoodies have become a huge fashion staple over the years, but do you ever wonder how they got started and blew up? Let me take you on a journey through hoodie history, from their sporty beginnings to how they took over pop culture and fashion.

Humble Beginnings in the 1930s

When Did Hoodies Become Popular? 2 - blackandwhitehoodie.com
When Did Hoodies Become Popular? 2 – blackandwhitehoodie.com

Believe it or not, hoodies first came on the scene in the 1930s for warehouse workers in New York. I know, it’s so practical and not stylish at all! This company called Champion made them for dudes working in cold storage warehouses so they could be warm on the job. They were basically these plain wool pullovers with a hood attached. They were super basic, but they did the trick.

Soon after, athletes started rocking hoodies, too, since they were easy to move around in and kept you warm during cool-down stretches. They became a staple in sporting goods stores and something coaches would give their players to wear. My dad told me about how he had a hoodie for his high school football team back in the 1960s – it had their mascot and everything embroidered on it. It’s a pretty cool, classic look.

Became popular in the 1970s and 80s

Even though hoodies had been around for a while at this point, they really started getting popular in the 1970s and 80s. The hip-hop scene happening in New York at the time embraced hoodies and made them a staple. You’d see breakdancers and graffiti artists wearing oversized hoodies with cool street style. Skaters started rocking hoodies too.

Having a hoodie felt like you were part of the underground scene, you know? It gave off a rebel vibe and a sense of youth culture. My uncle told me about how he saved up to buy hoodies at this famous streetwear store in NYC that all the rappers and DJs would frequent. Hoodies became a symbol of hip-hop and skating culture.

Hoodies Become High Fashion in the 80s

The craziest part is when hoodies started showing up on runways as high fashion! This designer, Norma Kamali, made clothes that were inspired by streetwear but glamorous. In the 80s, she put hoodies and sweatshirts on the runway, and suddenly, the basic sports gear was haute couture.

I wish I had one of her sequined hoodie dresses from back in the day – those are vintage gems. Having a designer hoodie felt like you were really fashion-forward and cool. It took the humble hoodie from the streets to the catwalk. Game. Changer.

Hoodies for All in the 90s and 2000s

Over the 90s and 2000s, hoodies went from being a fashion statement to a wardrobe staple. Everyone started wearing them – teens going to the mall, college kids going to class, moms running errands. You could get them at any clothing store.

With the rise of athleisure wear and streetwear going mainstream, hoodies were a comfy staple you could dress up or down. Going to the movies? Throw on jeans and a hoodie. Hitting the gym? Wear it over your yoga pants. Chilling at home? Rock it with sweatpants. The zip-up hoodie and pullover hoodie became closet essentials.

Why Hoodies Rule

There are so many reasons why hoodies are the best:

  • They’re crazy comfortable – what’s better than lounging or running errands in a worn-in hoodie?
  • You can express yourself through cool graphics, embroidery, tie-dye patterns, etc. It shows off your personality.
  • They’re versatile for layering and mixing and matching outfits.
  • You can use the hood for bad hair days or to avoid being recognized in public!
  • The front pocket is great for keeping your hands warm and holding your phone, keys, etc.

Hoodies let you feel put together but comfy at the same time. No wonder they became so popular!

The Future of Hoodies

When Did Hoodies Become Popular? 3 - blackandwhitehoodie.com
When Did Hoodies Become Popular? 3 – blackandwhitehoodie.com

Hoodies have come a long way from being a humble workwear staple to a fashion statement and cultural symbol. Even high fashion brands like Balenciaga and Off-White have embraced the hoodie and made it cutting edge again.

I don’t see hoodies going out of style anytime soon. With athleisure wear dominating and streetwear being so influential, the hoodie will keep evolving. We’ll see new fabrics like ultra-soft cotton blends, sleeve details like raw hems or cuffs, and cool silhouettes from cropped to oversized. But the hoodie will always be the original comfy classic! Nothing beats it.

The next time you throw on your favorite hoodie, remember its roots from the cold NY warehouses to the runways. Let me know if you have any other iconic fashion story you want me to dive into!

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